Line Producer

Producing a feature film overseas is a complex undertaking. Hiring a local line producer is often the one necessary step that can bring immense production value and a smooth flow to your shoot.


​Hiring a line producer in Fiji ensures your shoot runs efficiently and hassle-free from beginning to the end as you have a local company and an experienced team taking care of your production. A local line producer is not just an additional person on the payroll; they are your gateway to a successful production in a country with different languages, local customs and a mind set that can be so different to your own.

Productions Pacific offers line producer services to companies worldwide and our successful track record shows we understand our job, the demands of complex productions and the nature of film shoots better than others.

Our intuitive understanding of your needs makes Productions Pacific your number one choice as a film line producer in Fiji.

Productions Pacific is your number one choice for production services in Fiji. Professionalism, efficiency and dedication lie at the core of our work. In short - ​​we deliver for our clients and our range of services includes the following and more:



  • Location Identification

​     - Negotiation with hotels / venues / private property owners for film shoots

  • Travel arrangement of cast and crew

​     - Assist with airline bookings with national carrier 'Air Pacific'


  • Excess Baggage & Air Freight

     - Assist in identifying operators on movement of inbound and outbound cargo


  • Accommodation

     - Assist with accommodation requirements for cast and crew


  • Transport

     - Assist and liaise with local transport suppliers for transportation of cast and crew


  • Catering

     - Identification of local catering suppliers



     - Obtain approvals and permits from all authorities




     - Identification of local talent and extras

     - identification of local support staff

     - reports as and when required

​​It is not just the wide range of services we can offer as a line producer in Fiji that our customers remember us for for. It is the high quality of our service; the professionalism, ideas and enthusiasm that we bring to every film we work on.

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