FAQ about Film Tax Rebate

The Fiji government welcomes all types of valid investment. The film industry has been given enormous tax benefits due to the exposure this industry gives to Fiji. There is a tax rebate of 75%  ​currently available subject to guide lines.

What is the film tax rebate of 75%

The film ​tax rebate is an incentive available to film producers to encourage film production in Fiji. This incentive is a rebate of 75% for Fiji qualifying expenditure. What it means is that for every dollar spent on the items approved as rebatable for the production of a film in Fiji, the government will give you back 75 cents.

What are the requirements for film production and assessing the 75% tax rebate

Apply to Film Fiji (govt. agency) for screening application to produce a film with a budget and script.


   Upon approval from Film Fiji:

  1. Engage a Fiji licensed audio visual agent

  2. ​Form a company in Fiji

  3. Apply for Provisional Approval to Film Fiji

  4. ​Open a Fiji bank account - out of which all payments (in Fiji and overseas country) will be made

  5. Produce the film

  6. Table production expenses for audit

  7. Table audited accounts to Film Fiji / government to claim the 75% film tax rebate

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